/Defence activators
Defence activators۱۳۹۷-۱۰-۲۴ ۱۳:۴۴:۲۳ +۰۳:۳۰

DEFENSE ACTIVATORS & PLANT PROTECTION: in additional of nutrition properties they have a side effects against prevent and correct of diseases. They could increase plant defense by stimulation of internal mechanisms and prevention of disease developments. Normally used in pre infect period and interred to supplement comprehensive management of disease control. To guide the materials toward infected area some directors mainly selected amino acids added to the product.

Protect PK 40-20

PROTECT PK 40-20 is a formulation of potassium phosphate that contains 40% PHOSPHORUS (P2O5) and 20% POTASSIUM (K2O). It widely affects phytopathogenic fungi and bacteria especially Oomaycetes such as phytophtora, pernospora, plasmopara, psoudopernospora and beremia diseases by destroying cell wall and altering spores generation.


Protect 30-20

PROTECT 30-20 is a product formulation with potassium phosphate and contains PHOSPHORUS and POTASSIUM. It is widely effects on phytopathogenic fungi and bacterial diseases especially Oomaycetes such as phytophtora, pernospora, plasmopara, psoudopernospora and beremia. it can be used from early growth until maturity by foliar or fertigation.


Protect PCa

PROTECT PCa 0-11-0+5 Ca is a formulation of phosphite that contains 11% PHOSPHORUS (P2O5) and 5% CALCIUM (CaO) with nutritional properties and also plant preventive against fungal diseases. it widely affects against plant diseases and also recovery after infection.


Protect PZn

PROTECT PZn 0-20-0-5 Zn is a formulation of phosphorous that contains 20% PHOSPHORUS (P2O5) and 5% ZINC (ZnO) with nutritional properties and also plant prevention against fungal infection. Zinc induced plant to produce natural phyto hormones for recovery after infection.



ALCORNIN is a nutritive fertilizer PK FERTILIZER + Cu (4-22-25+4) which induces natural plant resistant mechanisms against a wide variety of pathogens. Thus, the crops can be much more resistant against diseases. To maximize nutritional benefit and to promote resistance it is rapidly absorbed by foliage, roots and woody textures. For additive effects and translocation of nutritional compounds within plants tissue greatly amount of selected FREE–L AMINO ACIDS is added to the product.