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SOIL IMPROVERS: the soil amendment’s product include the materials which mainly from natural origin used for soil properties such as pH, Electrical conductivity, porosity, biological activation and etc. the application results show on recycling of nutrients and capability of roots to take and assimilation nutrients as comfortable. They create complex of organic molecules with mineral elements to easily absorption. The SOIL IMPROVERS include two basic groups include humic extracts mainly leonardite origins and other organic products use for soil salinity correction. Humates are the compressed remnants of preserved vegetable matter from forests and other plants. Over time, this process results in the production of a type of coal called Leonardite or Lignite, which contains fulvic and rich amount of humic acids.

Humic Strong S

HUMIC STRONG S is a powder HUMIC extracts derived from LEAONARDITE mine. this is contain rich amount of HUMIC and FULVIC acids and POTASSIUM.


Humic Strong L

Humic Strong L is liquid humic extracts derived from LEONARDITE, contain 20% total humic and fulvic acids also riches by amino acids. it suitable for soil application, fertigation and also foliar application as mentioned on the label.


Humic Strong Pellet

HUMIC STRONG PELLET contain HUMIC extracts derived from LEAONARDITE mine in pellet form. it is more suitable for application in soil before planting.